Aleia Technologies GmbH, based in Dortmund, Germany, a subsidiary of Aleia Holding AG, has set itself the goal of financing further patent procedures for the "COSMOS Fenix®" process, which has already been successfully tested and patented in Italy, of obtaining product approval in accordance with EU chemicals approval, and of creating the market conditions by means of marketing and sales expenses in order to build a production plant in a second step.

Significant milestones in process development have already been reached, so that the company now intends to invest the proceeds from the subordinated loan in the initiation or continuation of patent proceedings. A patent has already been granted for Italy. Furthermore, the product approval according to the EU chemical approval for COSMOS Fenix is to be obtained within the framework of the REACH requirements. Intensive marketing and sales efforts are to be invested to develop the sales and procurement markets and establish distribution channels.

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