Supported by the EU under two LIFE projects with a total volume of over 3.3 million Euros



07/2011.. Publication of the first patent application based on the results of the first LIFE project
12/2012 Completion of the first LIFE project (LIFE08 ENV/IT/000434)
02/2014 Publication of the second patent application for EU, USA and Canada
01/2015 Registration of the patent for Italy
05/2015 Completion of the second LIFE project (LIFE11 ENV/IT/000256) as a continuation and optimisation of the first project, construction of a pilot plant at the waste incineration plant in Brescia (Italy)
10/2015 PPORD registration of the product (PPORD = product and process orientated research and development) as a preliminary stage of comprehensive REACH registration
08/2016 Application of the technology, without significant structural changes, on an existing "stabilisation" plant for fly ashes in Slovakia
03/2017 Proof of further product improvements (stiffness, flame-retardant properties) of plastics with admixture of COSMOS Fenix by an Italian institute
05/2017 Expression of interest by a German plastics company for the use of 10,000 t/year of the product
05/2017 winner of EIT (European Institute for Innovation and Technology) Raw Materials Business Idea Competition
09/2017 Final report on the strength-enhancing and flame-retardant properties of plastic products using fly ash COSMOS Fenix